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Founded in 2010 by artist Zhao Chuang and writer Yang Yang, the Beijing-based Peking Natural Science-Art Organization designs a variety of products in various media, all reflecting a reverence for the natural world. PNSO's animal toys and models are produced by the Guangzhou City-based company Yiniao. Yiniao is a professional organization operating within the scope of scientific and artistic products in addition to promoting cultural growth", which received the exclusive license to represent the “Restatement of the Earth" project globally from PNSO, and has engaged in cooperative projects with the American Museum of Natural History, the 35th International Geological Congress, the University of Nottingham, the Macau Science Center, and Chongqing Natural Museum, by providing support for coordinating exhibitions, research and product development.

PNSO product lines

(Names follow the line designations on the official PNSO storefront where possible)