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PNSO's Museum line features a range of large-scale vinyl models, typically including premium paint applications and display bases. The range debuted in 2019. While advertised as 1:35 scale on the packaging, many of these models represent a variety of other (usually larger) scales.

The first release in this range was a 17.7 inch Mamenchisaurus model complete with base, released in 2017 in partnership with the China National Philatelic Corporation and China Post. This was later re-released in a new box and given the name "Er-Ma the Mamenchisaurus" with the "Dinosaur Museum" branding.

Number Name Nickname Introduced Discontinued
Mamenchisaurus v.1 Er-ma 2017
Triceratops Doyle 2017
Amargasaurus Lucio 2019
Giganotosaurus v.1 Lucas 2019
Spinosaurus Essien 2019
Tyrannosaurus v.1 Wilson 2019
Yangchuanosaurus & Chungkingosaurus Dayong & Xiaobei 2019
Decennial Triceratops Doyle 2020
Tyrannosaurus v.2 "Winter" Wilson 2020
Stegosaurus w/ baby Bieber 2021
Tyrannosaurus v.3 Andrea 2021
Mamenchisaurus v.2 Er-ma 2021
Triceratops v.2 Doyle 2021
Iguanodon Harvy 2021
Tsintaosaurus Xiaoqin 2022
Torosaurus w/ baby Aubrey w/ Dabei 2022
Giganotosaurus v.2 Lucas 2023
Tyrannosaurus v.4 Cameron 2023