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This is the Toy Animal Collecting Wiki. It's purpose is to provide information for collectors about toy animals current and past. The goal is to eventually have at least a basic listing for all the companies that have made toy animals. For the purposes of this Wiki we are defining toy animals as those that are made to play with. Animals made in a toy mode but as collectables can also be included. If it's an animal toy and it is collected then it can be listed here.

You will see a section in the dropdown sidebar to the left called Figures. Beneath it are three different ways to browse through the Wiki.

  • By Company: This takes you to the category where all companies included in the directory are listed. If you know who made an animal you are interested in you can find the company there.
  • By Animal: This will take you to a classification tree designed to roughly mirror current scientific classification schemes. The whole concept of how to classify the tree of life is in flux these days, with multiple interpretations and versions out there. We have included Wikipedia links whenever possible to help you.
  • By Country: Every company listed in the Wiki will also show up in a Country category, as well as general categories for animals that say a country name but don't indicate the maker.

You can always use the Search box to look for a specific entry. If you can't find it then it may not yet exist. You can become an editor and add the entry yourself.

If you have questions or ideas feel free to send a mail.