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Toy animals by an unknown maker are a difficult area. What may be unknown to you may be well known by another collector. Animals that end up listed here are those that have not been identified by any collectors as yet.

Who Made It?

A first step to identifying an animal is to look through the galleries listed in the By Taxonomy tree. Find the type of animal it is and look through that and nearby galleries to see if you can find it. If you don't find it then the next step to try is asking at one of the collector discussion boards. Try What Is This Please? at the STS Forum, or Figure Identification Thread at Toy Animal Forum. If you still don't find out who made it then it may be listed on one of the pages below.

Unknown By Country

Sometimes the one thing you do know about an animal is where it was made. Usually because of a mark on the animal or another animal from a set you got together. Listed here are pages for different countries.

Unknown By Material

Sometimes the only thing you know about a figure is what it is made of. When absolutely nothing else is known about a figure it will be listed on one of these pages.