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Lido Toy Corporation was an American based maker begun in 1947 by the brothers Seymour and Effrem Arenstein. The company was sold in 1964 and most molds melted down. Fifty of the molds were taken by Seymour Arenstein when he formed Joy Toy in 1973. The molds were sold to Strombecker in 1990, that company then merged with Processed Plastics and became Tootsie Toy. They produced mainly toy soldiers and Western Figures. There are a few horses from the figure series, plus farm animals and jungle animals. They are believed to have been the manufacturer of the Prehistoric Mammals cereal premiums series as well.

Farm Animals




Prehistoric Mammals

This series was given as premiums or prizes with Nabisco products. It has historically been attributed to Lido but research sited at Toy Soldier HQ says they probably weren't. The molds did end up with Banner at one time. Originals are in silver and the later Banner ones are bright colors.

Wild Animals

This series was given as prizes by Kelloggs cereal company.

Other Animals

Lido Goofy Animals

Parts include head, tail, body, and legs for each animal


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