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Taylor and Barrett was established by Fred G. Taylor and his brother-in-law, A.R. Barrett. On returning from war in 1918, they decided, at first on a part time basis, to make toys such as hollowcast metal figures, beginning work in 1920. Fred Taylor was an engineer by trade and he designed most of the toys, as well as making the molds in which the metal was cast. A.R. Barrett and his brother had gained experience from working for Britains. The company closed during World War II and after the war Taylor and Barrett split their molds and started new companies. F.G. Taylor and Sons existed until 1978 and A.R. Barrett and Sons existed until 1984. It is often difficult to tell if figures are earlier T & B or the later companies except that T&B never made plastic. They had an extensive zoo line as well as farm animals. Markings are usually TB.

T&B Zoo

Farm, Metal