A.R. Barrett and Sons

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Shortly after World War II, previous Taylor & Barrett partner A.R. Barrett established his own independent company with sons Alfred and Bert. Beginning production at 9 Sonderberg Road in London, the company initially struggled due to inadequate factory space. Throughout the 50's and 60's, B & S used their own molds as well as leftover Taylor and Barrett casts from before the war. The 1960's were a transitional time for the company, as they shifted from lead to plastic. In 1970, after a compulsory redevelopment purchase, Barrett's company relocated to rented space at Barton & Co's New Addington factory. In 1984, after the passing of Barrett Sr., his two retiring sons sold the company to Barton's. Although Barton & Co continued to produce some Barrett and Sons products, they were almost exclusively doll houses and accessories.

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