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Shortly after World War II, previous Taylor & Barrett partner A.R. Barrett established his own independent company with sons Alfred and Bert. Beginning production at 9 Sonderberg Road in London, the company initially struggled due to inadequate factory space. Throughout the 50's and 60's, B & S used their own molds as well as leftover Taylor and Barrett casts from before the war. The 1960's were a transitional time for the company, as they shifted from lead to plastic. In 1970, after a compulsory redevelopment purchase, Barrett's company relocated to rented space at Barton & Co's New Addington factory. In 1984, after the passing of Barrett Sr., his two retiring sons sold the company to Barton's. Although Barton & Co continued to produce some Barrett and Sons products, they were almost exclusively doll houses and accessories.

Tiger Hunt set

The Barrett and Sons Tiger Hunt set, the antecedent to the original Taylor & Barrett Tiger Hunt, featured a new mold for both the tiger and elephant. The set was one of the first to be released by the company, and was first produced in 1945. Lasting until the 60's, it was re-released several times with minor packaging changes.

Zoo set

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