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Synapsids are a group of animals that includes mammals and every animal more closely related to mammals than to other living amniotes. They are easily separated from other amniotes by having a temporal fenestra, an opening low in the skull roof behind each eye, leaving a bony arch beneath each.

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Cynognathus 1.jpgCynognathus Dicynodon 1.jpgDicynodonts Dimetrodon 1.jpgDimetrodon Edaphosaurus 1.jpgEdaphosaurus
Estemmen.jpgEstemmenosuchus Inostrancevia 1.jpgGorgonopsians Horses.jpgMammals Moschops 1.jpgMoschops
Procynosuchus 1.jpgProcynosuchus Sphenacodon 1.jpgSphenacodon Trochosaurus 1.jpgTrochosaurus