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The Ertl Company is an American toy company founded by Fred Ertl, Sr., in Dubuque, Iowa USA in 1945. They are best known for die-cast metal scale models of farm equipment and vehicles. They produced animals as part of their playset series, and in some collectible sets. In 1981 they acquired AMT Models and in 1985 MPCs model division. In 1997 Ertl acquired Britains Ltd. In 1999 Ertl was bought by Racing Champions International Ltd (later RC2). Finally in 2011, Tomy took over the ownership of RC2.

Collectible Animals

Pairs of an adult and young boxed together. This series was started in 1995.

The Wilds of Africa

Farm Country 1:64

Farm Country 1:32

Big Farm

Treasured Horses


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