Yowies Lost Kingdom 46 New Zealand Giant Moa

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Animal Dinornis The text of the paper insert for this figure reads:

"Scientific Name: Dinornis maximus Pronounced: die-nor-nis max-e-mus
Type of Animal: Bird Period: Late Pleistocene (1 million-10,000 years ago)

The Giant Moa of New Zealand was distantly related to today's Emu and Ostrich, but it was much bigger. This huge bird could grow to more than 3 m in height, more than a metre taller than an Emu. It was a forest bird, and lived by eating the leaves of bushes and small trees. To help grind up this tough food, the Giant Moa would swallow up to 3 kg of stones."

Maker Yowies
Series Yowies Series Lost Kingdom Series A
Color tan
Product Number 46
Availability discontinued
Released 2000