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The true parrots are about 350 species of colorful flighted (with a few notable exceptions, hookbilled, mostly herbivorous birds forming the superfamily Psittacoidea, one of the three superfamilies in the biological order Psittaciformes (parrots). True parrots are widespread, with species in Mexico, Central and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and eastwards across the Pacific Ocean as far as Polynesia. The true parrots include many of the familiar parrots including macaws, conures, lorikeets, eclectus, amazon parrots, African gray parrot.

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Clubearth parrots greyparrot1.jpg African grey parrot PV parrots jobilori1a.jpg Black-capped lory PV parrots blackheadedcaique1a.jpg Black-headed parrot Blue-and-yellow Macaw.jpg Blue-and-yellow macaw
Clubearth parrots bluefrontedamazon 1.jpg Blue-fronted amazon PV parrots blueheadedparrot1a.jpg Blue-headed parrot Budgerigar.jpgBudgerigar YowiesAUS forgottenfriendsA 26cubanredmacaw.JPGCuban macaw
Clubearth parrots eclectusparrot 1.jpg Eclectus parrot Golden parakeet.jpgGolden parakeet Yowie UK 07 goldenshoulderedparrot1.jpg Golden-shouldered parrot Militarymacaw-thumb.jpg Great green macaw
Military macaw.jpg Harlequin macaw Hyacinth macaw.jpg Hyacinth macaw Lear's-Macaw-thumb.jpg Lear's macaw ELC-pet-tube-Moluccan-king-parrot-Ad.jpg Moluccan king parrot
Kaiyodo Furuta Chocoegg Lovebird Cobalt Masked.JPG Lovebird Sam 5125.jpg Orange-bellied parrot YowiesAUS forgottenfriendsA 15paradiseparrot1a.jpgParadise parrot Safari150229Face.JPGRainbow lorikeet
Green Winged Macaw.JPGRed-and-green macaw Red-crowned amazonRed-crowned amazon Red-masked-parakeet.jpgRed-masked parakeet Kaiyodo Rose-ringed Parakeet 1.jpg Rose-ringed parakeet
Scarlet macaw.jpg Scarlet macaw Clubearth parrots sunconure 1.jpg Sun parakeet Kākāriki.JPGYellow-crowned parakeet Clubearth parrots yellowheadedamazon 1.jpg Yellow-headed amazon

Unidentified true parrots