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Science and Nature is an Australian company that produces native Australian animal replicas. These animals are sometimes sold under the name Animals of Australia. Science and Nature started manufacturing their replicas in the 1990s, commencing with the larger versions of Kangaroo, Platypus, Wombat, Echidna, Koala, Tasmanian Devil and Possum. They make the large replicas with an information hang tag. Their original idea was to make the replicas to scale, however, the Kangaroo was too big and the platypus too small, so they decided to make them in relative proportion - that is the Kangaroo is the largest and the Leadbeter's possum is the smallest, with the others scaled according to their size proportionate to the Kangaroo. The designs of these large replicas were overseen by the curators of Healesville Sanctuary, an Australian wildlife sanctuary operated by Melbourne Zoo. This process of authentication ensured that the replicas were as accurate as possible. For other replicas they have also worked with the Melbourne Museum.

Having produced a range of large replicas they then decided to release smaller, lower priced versions. This size they decided upon for their birds and sealife ranges. In 2016 they started a new series of non Australian animals and started distributing Recur soft pvc figures.

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