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Logo of REBOR

REBOR is a UK company that designs and manufactures museum class dinosaur replicas. The name of the company “REBOR” came from the word “reborn”, which shows the ambition of the company of making lifelike dinosaurs. The company started in 2014 and has chosen STS-Forum to present their first figure to collectors community. Most figures are billed as being in 1:35 scale, made of solid pvc with a polystone base. Although the animal is a single piece without seams, it can be removed from the base. Figures are boxed in carefully designed boxes. The company expects to release an average of new 5 figures per year.


Main line (1:35 & 1:6 Scale Models)

Scout Series

Club Selection Line



Special releases

Grab n Go


Presentation topic at STS-Forum

REBOR website by Lester Wayne Daniels