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Pfeiffer was a company in Vienna Austria begun by Emil Pfeiffer that made composition figures from 1898 until 1925 when they were purchased by Hausser Elastolin. There is three periods in Pfeiffer animals production:

The 1900 series

The 1900 series is most likely the first series of industrially produced Animal toys. This series will last until WWI, it will then be replaced by the 1914 series. The 1900 models will not be included in the second series

The 1914 series

The 1914 series is therefore the second series. It will be produced by Pfeiffer until 1925, when the company will be bought by Hausser. This series will then be produced under the Tipple-Topple brand. Many of these figurines will be taken up, with slightly different paintings, in the 1950 series and then incorporated directly into the Hausser catalog

The 1950 series

Hausser Elastolin continued the Pfeiffer line under the name Tipple-Topple for an unknown period of time ( at least 1950 ).

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Farm Animals


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