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phylum Chordata Odontochelys semitestacea, meaning "toothed turtle with a half-shell," is a late Triassic stem-turtle from Guizhou, China. The age of these fossils at 220 Ma is midway between Pappochelys at 240 Ma and Proganochelys at 210 Ma. Odontochelys had a complete plastron, but lacked a solid carapace. The dorsal skeleton resembled the broadened ribs of turtle embryos, and also had ossified neural plates. Some scientists questioned the conclusion that the carapace did not evolve by the fusion of osteoderms. Habitat was shallow marine water. The jaws had embedded teeth, which implied a generalized diet that could have included algae or invertebrates. Length was about 40 cm.

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class Reptilia
clade Pantestudines
family Odontochelyidae
genus † Odontochelys
species O. semitestacea
period Late Triassic