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The New Zealand parrot family (Strigopidae) consists of three genera of parrots, Nestor, Strigops and the fossil Nelepsittacus. The genus Nestor consists of the kea, kaka, Norfolk Island kaka and Chatham Island kaka, while the genus Strigops contains the iconic kākāpō. All extant species are endemic to New Zealand. The species of the genus Nelepsittacus were endemics of the main islands, while the two extinct species of the genus Nestor were found at the nearby oceanic islands like Chatham Island of New Zealand, and Norfolk Island and adjacent Phillip Island.

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Kakapo.jpg Kakapo YowiesAUS series3 kea.JPG Kea
YowiesAUS forgottenfriendsB 21norfolkislandkaka1.JPGNorfolk kaka