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GeoWorld Group is an Italian company first established in 1988 by paleontologist Stefano Piccini. In 2009 they added a line of educational toys, primarily dinosaurs and prehistoric fauna.

Dr Steve Hunter's Dinosaur Collection

Originally the Jurassic Hunters Collections 1 and 2, they have now been rebranded and combined into a single collection. Part numbers have changed with the new packaging. The dinosaurs however are the same molds and paint schemes.

Animal Dr Steve Hunter's Item Number Jurassic Hunter Item Number
Tyrannosaurus rex CL 1546k CL 307k
Triceratops CL 1547k CL 308k
Stegosaurus CL 1548k CL 309K
Brachiosaurus CL 1549k CL 310K
Velociraptor CL 1550k CL 311K
Corythosaurus CL 1551k CL 312K
Styracosaurus CL 1552k CL 313K
Spinosaurus CL 1553k CL 314K
Carnotaurus CL 1554k CL 315K
Euoplocephalus CL 1555k CL 316K
Diplodocus CL 1556k CL 317K
Stygimoloch CL 1557k CL 318K
Acrocanthosaurus CL 1558k CL 336K
Allosaurus CL 1559k CL 337K
Amargasaurus CL 1560k CL 338K
Apatosaurus CL 1561k CL 339K
Baryonyx CL 1562k CL 340K
Caudipteryx CL 1563k CL 341K
Carcharodontosaurus CL 1564k CL 342K
Chasmosaurus CL 1565k CL 343K
Cryolophosaurus CL 1566k CL 344K
Deinonychus CL 1567k CL 345K
Dilophosaurus CL 1568k CL 346K
Dromaeosaurus CL 1569k CL 347K
Eustreptospondylus CL 1570k CL 348K
Giganotosaurus CL 1571k CL 349K
Guanlong CL 1572k CL 350K
Iguanodon CL 1573k CL 351K
Megaraptor CL 1574k CL 352K
Ornithomimus CL 1575k CL 353K
Ouranosaurus CL 1576k CL 354K
Oviraptor CL 1577k CL 355K
Pentaceratops CL 1578k CL 356K
Plateosaurus CL 1579k CL 357K
Protoceratops CL 1580k CL 358K
Tsintaosaurus CL 1581k CL 359K
Agustinia CL 1582k CL 360K
Albertosaurus CL 1583k CL 361K
Ankylosaurus CL 1584k CL 362K
Argentinosaurus CL 1585k CL 363K
Australovenator CL 1586k CL 364K
Becklespinax CL 1587k CL 365K
Camarasaurus CL 1588k CL 366K
Ceratosaurus CL 1589k CL 367K
Compsognathus CL 1590k CL 368K
Coelophysis CL 1591k CL 369K
Concavenator CL 1592k CL 370K
Daspletosaurus CL 1593k CL 371K
Dilong CL 1594k CL 372K
Edmontosaurus CL 1595k CL 373K
Falcarius CL 1596k CL 374K
Hypsilophodon CL 1597k CL 375K
Jobaria CL 1598k CL 376K
Kentrosaurus CL 1599k CL 377K
Lambeosaurus CL 1600k CL 378K
Mamenchisaurus CL 1601k CL 379K
Mapusaurus CL 1602k CL 380K
Ornitholestes CL 1603k CL 381K
Pachycephalosaurus CL 1604k CL 382K
Parasaurolophus CL 1605k CL 383K
Polacanthus CL 1606k CL 384K
Psittacosaurus CL 1607k CL 385K
Rebbachisaurus CL 1608k CL 386K
Saltasaurus CL 1609k CL 387K
Saurornitholestes CL 1610k CL 388K
Suchomimus CL 1611k CL 389K
Therizinosaurus CL 1612k CL 390K
Thescelosaurus CL 1613k CL 391K
Troodon CL 1614k CL 392K
Utahraptor CL 1615k CL 393K
Yangchuanosaurus CL 1616k CL 394K
Zuniceratops CL 1617k CL 395K

Dr Steve Hunter's Prehistoric Mammals

Like the dinosaurs, the prehistoric mammals have been rebranded to Dr Steve Hunter's and given new product numbers, molds and paint have remained the same.

Animal Dr Steve Hunter's Item Number Jurassic Hunter Item Number
Amebelodon CL 1618k CL 511K
Andrewsarchus CL 1619k CL 512K
Coelodonta CL 1620k CL 513K
Doedicurus CL 1621k CL 514K
Embolotherium CL 1622k CL 515K
Eobasileus CL 1623k CL 516K
Eusmilus CL 1624k CL 517K
Hipparion CL 1625k CL 518K
Hyaenodon CL 1626k CL 519K
Macrauchenia CL 1627k CL 520K
Mammuthus CL 1628k CL 521K
Megaloceros CL 1629k CL 522K
Megatherium CL 1630k CL 523K
Metridiochoerus CL 1631k CL 524K
Procoptodon CL 1632k CL 525K
Smilodon CL 1633k CL 526K
Thylacosmilus CL 1634k CL 527K
Ursus spelaeus CL 1635k CL 528K

Dr. Steve Hunters Sea Reptiles Collection

Jurassic Action

Dino Age Experience Playsets

Prehistoric Icebergs

Jurassic Eggs Assembly Sets

Prehistoric Skeleton Kits

Many of these are the same as the above two series, unique are listed below

Jurassix Museum

Puzzle type skeleton kits, 9-16cm each

Jurrasic Eggs Excavation

Solid eggs you dig the dino skeleton out of, skeletons 4-6cm

Dig and Glow

2.5 inch glow in the dark semi-transparent plastic

Dig and Discover

Small skeletons 2.5-3.5 inch

Dinoart Painting Kits

Jurassic Sea Creatures

Geoworld Magnetic Jurassic Sea Creatures is a set of 3 PVC figures with a magnet embedded on the bottom of the urchin, and on the flat side of the ichthyosaur and the ammonite. The set is sold on a card dated 2001.


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