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Erzgebirge is a mountainous mining region between Germany and the Czech Republic. It is well known for carved wooden animals in a particular somewhat primitive style. Toys have been produced in this region for hundreds of years and it is since the beggining an artisanal rather than industrial production. Around 1700 the production of toys increasingly became a secondary employment for some miners. From the second half of the 18th century, the decline of mining will lead many people to become full-time toymakers. In this way, a new economic structure has developed. The toys were "homemade" and all family members participated in the production. Soon local farmers and craftsmen also began making toys during the winter. These family businesses have become the new economic engine of around 50 villages in the region. This again resulted in the development of a wide range of products. The family toys were sold to a "Verleger", a wholesaler, who resold the toys to traders in villages and other towns. Not all toys were made of wood and the first trials of composite materials probably started in this region. Later, more “industrial” companies such as Kienel, Grummt, Lahl or Marolin emerged. For a lot of “vintage” production it is therefore impossible to go back to the source.

This page is therefore used to list the productions whose name of the manufacturer has been lost.

String tail

Wood tail