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The Proboscidea (from the Greek προβοσκίς via the Latin proboscis) are a taxonomic order containing one living family, Elephantidae, and several extinct families. Later proboscideans are distinguished by tusks and long, muscular trunks; these features are less developed or absent in early proboscideans.

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Loxodonta 1.jpg African elephant Gomphothere 1.jpg Amebelodon Elephas 1.jpg Asian elephant
Anancus EofaDeinoFace.JPGDeinotherium Collecta88828A1.JPGGomphotherium
Eofauna008Face.JPGKonobelodon Safari100081Face.JPGMastodon Moeritherium.jpgMoeritherium
Palaeoloxodon.jpgNaumann's elephant Platybelodon.JPG Platybelodon EoFaunaSteppeTusks.JPGSteppe mammoth
Straight-tusked elephant.jpg Straight-tusked elephant Mammouth-3.jpgWoolly mammoth

Elephant Skeleton

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