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phylum Chordata Crassigyrinus (meaning "thick tadpole") is an extinct genus of carnivorous stem tetrapod from the Early Carboniferous of Scotland and possibly Greer, West Virginia. Crassigyrinus had a streamlined body up to 2 meters in length. Its limbs were tiny and virtually useless, implying that the animal was almost completely aquatic. Crassigyrinus had unusually large jaws, equipped with two rows of sharp teeth, the second row having a pair of palatal fangs. It may have been able to open its mouth as wide as 60 degrees, which suggests that it was a powerful predator with a strong bite. It was ideally suited for catching fish, and the animal was probably a fast-moving predator.

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class "Amphibia"
(wide sense)
family Crassigyrinidae
genus Crassigyrinus
Period 345.3–328.3Ma