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Comansi is a Spanish company from Barcelona. With more than 50 yars of history is focused in manufacturing and distribution of toys. Several kind of products and designs are being developed during these years, being the best known a fortress, (Fuerte Comansi) with cowboys and indians from 70's years. Still famous is a toy developed during 80's years called bola loca "crazy ball" that keeps being a Summer seasonal success. The slogan of the company is “Juguete Completo, juguete Comansi” - Perfect toy, Comansi toy. Later, Comansi bought Yolanda brand and started manufacturing and distributing popular plastic licensed figures like Pocoyo, Walt Disney, Caillou, Los Lunnis… that can still be found in bookshops and toy shops allover Spain. Currently, Comansi through Yolanda keeps successful TV licensed figures and also from sports like national football team, Barcelona FC and Athletic Toons. Comansi in 2009 takes a new important step in its strategy being the exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal of 6 important international brands: Bullyland, Kiddimoto, Baby Einstein, Maclaren Active, Worlds Apart and Brio. Therefore, several new lines are introduced increasing the diversity of available products.

Fauna Africana

Fauna Americana

Fauna Europea

Comansi Zoo de Persan

The Comansi versions are not marked and, include additionally, a lioness and an anteater.


Comansi produced an animal series as "gifts" for the Lutin washpowder company.


Comansi commercialized cheaper models under the Novolinea trademark.

Novolinea "Body"

The cheapest versions of Novolinea. These were sold in kiosks (candy and sweets stands) until the late 80s or early 90s. They came in a blister (pack in the form of a transparent bag or rigid plastic canister) accompanied by fences and/or plastic trees.


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