Bullyland Butterflies

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Bullyland made two series of butterflies : In 1994 a small series of sturdy and beautyfully handpainted ones and in 1998 eight others of a somewhat thinner material, which were sold with hangers.

It is difficult to find much information about them, as they were only shown as sets in the dealers catalogues.

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Butterflies (1994), also sold as pins or magnets. 12 different ones.

Number Name Introduced Discontinued
68050 Bullyland set of butterflies, pins 1994 Discontinued
68051 Bullyland set of butterflies, magnets 1994 Discontinued
? Bullyland set of butterflies 1994 Discontinued

Butterflies (1998) for hanging either in string or swinger. 8 different ones.

Number Name Introduced Discontinued
? Bullyland set of butterflies, in string 1998 Discontinued
68151 Bullyland set of butterflies, on swingers 1998 Discontinued

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