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Blip Toys is a company established in 2000 and headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Founded by Bill Nichols, it achieved a huge success with their line of Squinkies, a huge range of tiny squishy toy characters, most of them animal themed. Blip Toys current product line includes several innovative lines as well as many licensed popular brands. Their line of animal figures is called Nature's Wonders HD (High Definition]. They're sold individually with tags or in play sets of "Animal Friends". Some play sets of animal accessories are also known. It was possible to access some information about the animals and their habitats using, in a dedicated website, a code that was provided together with these figures. Collection is apparently discontinued. It is known a collection of fifty 2006 dated Procon models called Nature's Wonders with molds best known from CollectA and that according with some sources was the former name of CollectA's collections. Though, it was not possible to confirm it officially and it is not known yet if Nature's Wonders HD marked "Blip Toys" and Nature's Wonders marked "Procon" are related. Blip Toys in more recent years is selling items under the Animal Planet license name.

Nature's Wonders HD

(Sets, or sold individually with tag)

Jungle Friends 91-010 (4 pieces) 2007

Jungle Friends (4 pieces) 2007

Jungle Friends to sort

Frog and Toad Friends (4 pieces)

Bug Friends 92-036 (4 pieces) 2008

Horse Friends 92-018 (3 pieces) 2008

Horse Friends (to sort)

Cat Friends 92-089 (5 pieces) 2008

Dog Friends 91-000 (5 pieces) - 2007

Dog Friends 92-090 (5 pieces) - 2008

Farm Animals 91005 (4 pieces) 2008

Unsorted Figures


Blip Toys web site