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Processed Plastic was founded in 1948 and produced plastic toy vehicles. They made series of farm and wild animals during the 1950s under the B-Line brand name. In 1965 they purchased Tim-Mee Toys and from then on produced the Tim-Mee dinosaurs and farm animals combining with some older Processed Plastic animals. Processed Plastics merged with Strombecker in 2004. They were then sold in 2005 and are now part of J. Lloyd International Inc who also own Tootsie Toy and seem to be falling under the Tootsie Toy product name.

Tim-Mee Dinosaurs

Tim-Mee Dogs

Tim-Mee Farm Animals Including Processed Plastics B-Line series

Tim-Mee Horses

Tim-Mee Wild Animals Including Processed Plastics B-Line series


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