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The falcons and caracaras are around 60 species of diurnal birds of prey that make up the family Falconidae. The family is divided into two subfamiles, Polyborinae, which includes the caracaras and forest falcons, and Falconinae, the falcons, kestrels and falconets.

The family has a cosmopolitan distribution across the world, absent only from the densest forest of central Africa, some remote oceanic islands, the high Arctic and Antarctica. Some species have exceptionally wide ranges, particularly the cosmopolitan Peregrine falcon, which ranges from Greenland to Fiji and has the widest natural breeding distribution of any bird.

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Common Kestrel.jpg American kestrel Falconiformes.jpgCommon kestrel Crested caracara.jpgCrested caracara
Lanner falcon Safari100094close.JPG Peregrine falcon

Unidentified falcons